Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fashion Photography

I'm having a ball playing around with fashion photography - planning locations, themes and outfits and styling my outfits with different hair, skins, makeup, shoes and bags. It's timeconsuming but sooo much fun! Here's a couple of examples I did with clothes from Nefaria Abel's newest collection. Enjoy!

The Winter Bliss Fashion Show

The Winter Bliss Fashion Show featuring the designes of C Wiccan Sojourner of Bewitched, caLLie cLine and Nicky Ree was my third show in 2006 - we modelled some very festive costumes along with partydresses and sexy city chic outfits. In addition to all this Bianca asked me to model a supercool dress from Bewitched for a photo in ASpiRE! Magazine and you can see it in the latest edition of the mag.
The ASpiRE! mag itself is comming along so well and I think both the editors and all contributors are doing a wonderful job. To top off such a busy and successfull season i got the fab news that I have been chosen to appear in this months runway show for 3XD. Am i thrilled? You bet!

The Neferia Abel Runway Show

Next runway show i did was for a personal friend, the Norwegian designer Neferia Abel. Neferia's shop is at the fabulos Bryggen - a mini Bergen in-world and i strongly recomennd you take a closer look on what she's got to offer. At the fashion show i got to wear several luxurious outfits - rauncy separates, pretty-as-a-picture-dresses with the most exquisite flexi work and opulent ballgowns. Some of my favourites is the giraffe pattern dress, and the gemstone mini cavewoman dress that I have on here.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006: a year of achievement

Looking back on the last months of 2006 i feel almost in awe at how things are going. Since signing up with ASpiRE! modelling agency I have had the pleasure to work with so many talented and generous people.
First , there was the Adored runway show featuring the awsome designs of Amysue Shirakawa. One of the outfits I was wearing is the funky ensemble pictured here, concisting of a white short sleeve shirt and gray pants with belt and black high heeled boots. I love Amysues's take on easy-to-wear fashion with garments that are funky yet formal enough to wear either you're off to work, a club or a rock concert.