Saturday, December 04, 2010

Pussycat Lingerie line: Demimonde!

We have a sexy new lingerie mini collection in the store now. It's got those high waist panties for your super retro look, peep holes and pasties, and one even has a big feather tail for your inner showgirl. Wear with PoosyKat's coctail rings and our nice selection of sequin top hats. Why not visit our mainstore in Redux and add some va-va-voom to your Xmas wardrobe? And there's a free giftie too! Happy shopping!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Little Carnies Collection

New Faster Pussycat video by Coeur Auer!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fashion Week over

«A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.»

I started todays post with a quote by one of the most legendary women of the 20th century - Coco Chanel as I am currently hard at work writing a book about her in RL. Seems this month has been a month full of fashion with the IFW 2010 running 4 shows per day for 4 days. There is every reason deem Faster Pussycat's show on Saturday a great successs - the Glance models did a beautiful job with the styling (of which I am rather picky) and the DJ worked my very spesific and ecclectic playlist perfectly. The result was great, the show really stood out and I would just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone at Glance, all the awsome bloggers who's featured our designs on their blogs and of course the enthusiastic public. 

Here I've added a photo of myself outside our store at GIA's IFW 2010 sim - here I am proud and excited before the opening last week. Now all our new releases are available in Faster Pussycat's mainstore in Redux.  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

International Fashion Week 2010

– GIA announces official shows lineup –
Style gifts, exclusive releases, avant-garde catwalks
Supporting Relay For Life in SL 2010

When: Thursday, July 15th to Sunday, July 18th


Faster Pussycat's show is on Saturday July 17th

Monday, July 05, 2010

New Faster Pussycat vid by Coeur Auer

Here's a new video of Faster Pussycat's designs showcasing supermodels Wicca Merlin and Accacia Brissot. The video was shot by Coeur Auer and can also be seen on the wall in my mainstore.


Sunday, June 06, 2010

Faster Pussycat Video by Coeur Auer

Love this machinima done by my fabulously talented Coeur Auer - you see two gowns from my new collection - the Goddess and the SpaceBubble Gown - I love how it came out. Enjoy!

If you want a model portfolio done or another promotional machinima please contact Coeur Auer in-world - or by email: - for prices and information.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Once Upon a Time in the West...

"Americana" is a cute retro rockabilly dress in red with white polkadots from Faster Pussycat, currently available at the Haiti Relief Fair Project tents. You get a halterneck swimsuit with a matching big swing skirt - to take you straight from baking on a hot beach at noon to a rockin' beachclub at night. Icluded is a purrty red flower for your hair.

Goddess in Gold

New elegant gown from Faster Pussycat is available in mainstore now. Can be worn with or without the transparent flowing scarf on top. Perfect for hot summer nights and walks along the beach.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Pose Fair: (*chanimations

It brings me such joy to be able to bring you the Pose Fair news from one of SL's top pose and photographer's props creator - namely Chandra Meehan, and (*chanimations.  I have loved her stuff for ages and even won several photo contests with them so naturally I was very curious to see what she has come up with the fair. I was not dissapointed. Chandra has created to awsome new  multi functional props - "Exorcism" and "Source of Life", two full scene builds with many many functions, from throwing spells to binding your victims and releasing soap bubbles and fire (!!) Of course these will enable you to shoot some truly magican photos, but kept up in a sim the props can also very well functrion as a great RP set for you and your friends. 

OK, "Exorcism" first. This set is structured in multiple layers, it can be used as a one-person-pose, couple pose set or if you have more magic followers at hand - let them join the outer circle of another 10 poses that surrounds the alter in a summoning. The rituals you can playe with these doesnt dare mentioning lol but your mind is the only limit.

As you can see I took the opportunity and chained my possessed  friend lol and bound an additional sinner at the side of the altar while I wrestled with the nassy demons.

Then theres the lovely "Source of Life"  set -  a spring celebration.

Sourceress "-Source of Life" - is Chandra Meehan's and (*chanimations release to celebrate the awakening of nature after the long winter. The set contains the following photography props and poses with the following properties:
• (*magicWand_kneel, 
• (*magicWand_wander, 
• (*magicWand_cast, 
• (*magicWand_summon, 
• (*magicWand_connect, 
• (*magicWand_raise

All POSES are static and come with copy rights so you can put them into your posestands or make own poseball arrangements. 
The magic pentagram is surrounded by menu-driven energy swirls, glowing grass patches and sculpted daisies and snails. Theres lovely soap bubble poofers, magic wands and a hide/show option for the ground. Springtime is here - even my hair caught fire LOL

Lovely for creative fashion shoots as well as more occult visuals. I LOVE these props. 

Thursday, April 01, 2010

One day til Pose Fair!

Yay it's only one day until Pose Fair opens and I thought I'd tempt you guys with some awsome poses from creators who will have vendors there. I have been bombarded with poses and it's really hard to choose which ones to blog first. But I thought Id start with some model poses from Amacci - as all models, aspiring models and any old posers needs'em. The new poses are beautifully animated and it makes me realize how much SL modelling has changed since I started walking the runways in 2006. Back then poses were all static and had that not so pretty broken-anckle-effect lol. The woman behind Amacci Carina Larsen is as old as me in SL - woot! - so I would imagine she remembers. Her new AO is called Posh, and thats how you feel when you wear it.

I am wearing:

Aimesi - skin "So cute" in caramel

Emo-tions - hair "Myst" in blonde

Pink Outfitters - "The Cubby Hole" Graphic T - pink

Ema's Secret- Funny panties in pink

SLink  - Tiger Heels Red

Another fun set is from do re mi created by Luxe Helendale. She says: "do re mi spawned from that constant question "am i good at anything in sl?" It became a fun lil project." These fun poses are called things like carnival reject, living in a dream, make it big someday and we all fall down. Totally irresistible!

I am wearing:

Aimesi - skin "So cute" in caramel

[PM]  - shoes Baby T : Black

Miamai - hair Axhoa Blacks

artilleri - pretty bra and panties

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's!

We have a very special offer for St. Patricks:
A pair of sexy high gloss strappy "Vixen" heels with prim feet, skin and size are of course mod for you to get a perfect fit for your tootsies.
The shoes are on sale this week only for the special nice price of 100 lindens! So get them now, because next week they'll be gone.You will find them on the table on the ground floor of Faster Pussycat's Mainstore in Redux.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Faster Pussycat Spring and Summer 2010

I'm currently working on my new spring and summer line Seriously Cute that's why I'm such a recluse these days. But I thought I'd post a preview so you can see I'm actually working, not just saying lol. We're expanding the store, have a whole new floor and will also be featuring shoes and accessories. Seriously Cute plus another more spectacular line of gowns and catsuits should be out in the store after Easter holidays. Enjoy!

In all Fair-ness

I remember a time when Hair Fair was the big event of the year, in fact many would argue that it still is apart from getting caught in a massive soup of lag. Last Hair Fair i had to cancel, not even flying around like a naked noob helped because not only was there hoards of people but nothing rezzed and if it did it was buildings made of allsorts and cupcakes, not the actual vendors! Cute idea, but unless you have a kickass pc like the Linden Labs you're in trouble. It was also quite unpleasant to hear idiots yell at people for their rendering cost. It is annoying that someone flies in with a scripted outfit and hair that could take out a SIM but be civil.

Anyways, so now we have had Skin Fair, Clothing Fair and Accessory Fair is still going on, it was only ehem fair? - that we should have a Pose Fair. Og btw - is there a shoe fair? It's the brainchild of Katey Coppola of Glitterati, and to fight the aforementioned lag they are going to keep the building minimalistic. To quote Evelyn Harsthon on their flickr: Quaduple yay for that!

I will most def be spending a bunch of my hard earned lindens here so I'll blog some of the poses with Faster Pussycats designs as I go along. Pose Fair will run from April 2nd until April 16th.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Winter Fairytale

I just had to post this lovely photo of Mimmi Boa and Poptart Lilliehook on the Glance runway wearing Faster Pussycat's winter collection "A Winter Fairytale". Mimmi (left) is wearing Winter Vamp in turqouise and black sequins and fur, Poptart is wearing The Ice Princess in glacier white. I just love the styling and the poses, which goes to show why some models are so-called supermodels. Great work, Mimmi and Poptart!

Evane's Hearts for Haiti

Last month Mimmi Boa and Evane Models did this wonderful auction for helping the people of Haiti. Over 20 exclusive designs were auctioned off in the span of two days. Faster Pussycat's contribution you can see here:

As always I did try to have my own slightly edgy take on the "big ballgown" - so yet again, another punky outfit from me. I love the idea of creating something beautiful that will help do good in this world. So when asked if I would donate something for Evane's "Hearts for Haiti" event I custom designed my very own Help Haiti- gown. I like the fact that fashion cares, and even if I as one person feel very small I know that when we stand together, people are a force to be reckoned with - a power. So naturally I called the Haiti dress for the 
"People Have the Power"-dress.
I see these gowns as a whole new take on power dressing - with our creativity we have the power to change some wrongs to rights - and the words I chose to print on the dress were inspired by an old song by Patti Smith.
I have loved creating this dress, it is is kinda punky and wild, with a bit of 80ties pop video thrown into the mix. The hearts in the tiara and the little collar symbolizes love and empathy. The big skirt symbolizes haute couture - as this dress is a one-off - and the stripey tights and top symbolises unity, strenght and hope. The top even has the words "HOPE" printed on the back. 
Tops and bottoms are in all layers for easy wear and without the big skirt the catsuit can easily be worn under your fave denim miniskirt or booty shorts for a more casual look. 
The idea of a full bodycatsuit is warm, cocooning comfort - just what every human being needs, but especially the little children of Haiti who are suffering twice as much as everybody else with the threat of human trafficking lurking in addition to the traumas of the disaster and loss already. God bless whomever bought my dress, you are helping save lives.

If you didn't get a chance to come to this auction don't panic - there's more comming up in the months to come. Glance International are having a Relay for Life show and so is Opium. And I think Faster Pussycat will contribute to both if I get enough time. I will post more details soon as I know. See you there!

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Pussycat-post from Wicca

OMG - Wicca did it again! Get a load of this awsome blog people, I'm partial of course but Wicca's photos, styling and fashion musings on her blog Fashion Addicted are well worth your time so add it to favourites.

Here's the last post she did on my brand Faster Pussycat, I just love what she's done with these outfits. The Buckingham-gown looks fab on this rebel chick. I love it Wicca!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Amazing Wicca & Sabine!

I would like to draw your attention to this blogpost by Wicca Merlin, Glance supermodel and stylist. She has the most fashion savvy blog Fashion Addicted, and she recently put together an awsome post on Faster Pussycat's winter 2010 collection. I love how she has styled these outfits, it goes to show that with flair and taste you can easily make these outfits your own. You rock, Wicca!

Another post worth checking out is this awsome photo done by supermodel Sabine Blackburn for the Modavia Photo Contest - I love how she rocks the Faster Pussycat Buckingham Punk Gown. My jaw just dropped watching this amazing fashion photo:

Faster Pussycat Winter 2010

The Snow Queen
Faster Pussycat's winter collection concists of luxurious couture pieces in icy colours, sequins, quilted satins and sexy layers to keep you elegantly warm. All available from our mainstore in Redux.

The Black Widow

The Ice Princess

Red Hot Winter

Black and blue

Winter Goth

Black Winter Suit

Winter Boudoir