Friday, January 15, 2010

New Pussycat-post from Wicca

OMG - Wicca did it again! Get a load of this awsome blog people, I'm partial of course but Wicca's photos, styling and fashion musings on her blog Fashion Addicted are well worth your time so add it to favourites.

Here's the last post she did on my brand Faster Pussycat, I just love what she's done with these outfits. The Buckingham-gown looks fab on this rebel chick. I love it Wicca!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Amazing Wicca & Sabine!

I would like to draw your attention to this blogpost by Wicca Merlin, Glance supermodel and stylist. She has the most fashion savvy blog Fashion Addicted, and she recently put together an awsome post on Faster Pussycat's winter 2010 collection. I love how she has styled these outfits, it goes to show that with flair and taste you can easily make these outfits your own. You rock, Wicca!

Another post worth checking out is this awsome photo done by supermodel Sabine Blackburn for the Modavia Photo Contest - I love how she rocks the Faster Pussycat Buckingham Punk Gown. My jaw just dropped watching this amazing fashion photo:

Faster Pussycat Winter 2010

The Snow Queen
Faster Pussycat's winter collection concists of luxurious couture pieces in icy colours, sequins, quilted satins and sexy layers to keep you elegantly warm. All available from our mainstore in Redux.

The Black Widow

The Ice Princess

Red Hot Winter

Black and blue

Winter Goth

Black Winter Suit

Winter Boudoir