Thursday, October 16, 2008

Me - a video babe!

Machinima, darlings! That's the name of the game right?
OK I fess up: I have been toying with the idea of being in movies for a while. So when the opportunity of taking my modelling portfolio one step further and making a small promotional flick to hand out to potential clients was presented to me I jumped at the chance. At WBA Advertising they have longtime experience with shooting machinima - they have been at it for over two years and they have also developed a unique system for streaming the movies in-world. After seeing samples of their work I just knew I had to have a bash at this. So boldly I signed up for a model portfolio shoot with director AWM Mars, met up in his studio and the result you can see here:

It's kinda kewl, right??
The actual shooting footage went smooth. All I really had to do was pick suitable poses, supply a photo to be used as a background in the movie and choose 4-5 outfits and style myself in ways that shows my diversity as a model, hop on the rotating disk in the studio and do my model thang! Completely painless and very efficient. When you sign with the WBA-guys they don’t just let your movie stream in-world, but for people outside Second Life they also stream your movie on their website!!
The staff was a joy to work with and all I had to do was look good, which is just how I prefer. If you're interested in checking out what they can offer both models and others Id suggest looking at their website:
- or contact Webgoddess Mars in-world. Happy shooting!