Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Midsummer Night's Dream

July 23'rd my friend and model mate Summer Deadlight - supermodel and sexiest kitty DJ - celebrated her B-day. Yea - the fact that she'll be 25 forever.
The theme was masquerade wear - fairie, woodland spirts, elves, horse heads, centaur bodies, Oberons, Pans, anything fairytale like. Frolic Mills had decorated the square in SL Boulevard to look like the perfect stage for all movers and shakers to come out and play. In spite of massive lag and several crashes I managed to take a few snaps - enjoy!

Summer Deadlight, looking awsome as always.

Elves and other fantasy creatures

Bianca Darling, founder of Aspire Modelling Agency (while she still had her top on lol)

Me and the love of my life, the horny beast Coeur Auer.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Shopping with your man

I am basically a solitary shopper. But if I'm just browsing I find the shopping experience so more interesting if I'm dragging a guy along - and it can be any guy - Coeur or just a mate - because the pattern is always the same: I focus on the merchandise and they focus on.....well the merchandise too. But not the same merchandise. Guys tend to focus on the stuff that's not for sale.
Here's a typical conversation between the love of my life and myself at the mall:

Honey: gawd, i need these skins. I wonder how many makeups you get with each
Coeur: I would wreck that chick!
Honey: who? (looks around - slightly annoyed)
Coeur: Josie

Honey: Who the fuck's Josie? (thinking: i'll wreck her too!)
Coeur: that skin - it's called Josie

Honey: *sighs*
Honey: Oh? really - want me to try it on?
Coeur: Josie wouldn't be allowed outta bed. I'm rock hard now
Honey sighs. Tries on a skin.
Coeur: oo i can see your nipples through your shirt!

Honey: aaah they sell skin here
Coeur: ooh half naked chicks!
Honey: they are ladyboy skins, dear. Men in drag.
Coeur: Ok, you just browse. I'll just watch your ass.

Honey: sorry - I crashed
Coeur: I love watching your boobies pop! *grins*
Honey persuades Coeur to try a hair demo.
Coeur: the reason they named this hair "Rebel" is because the designer couldn't spell the word "yuck".
Honey sighs.
Coeur: is that girl on the poster you?
Honey: No.
Coeur: aah I thought it was - but that was before I'd seen your modelling shape

Coeur's doing his thing at the Maitreya mall, sporting a Crusty the Clown T-shirt. This is why guys survive - they're so fucking hot you just can't make yourself kill them.