Saturday, November 25, 2006

Horror Hottie Me!

Halloween came and went - really way too fast. Coz I really love Halloween - to dress up in my most tarty goth wear, my blood red lipstick, white skin and strut my stuff in tribute to all those horror hotties of the silver screen. So Vampira, Vampirella and Elvira I salute you! Here's a belated photo from one of my Transilvanian October Nights. I hosted several fantastic parties - some of the best for Kitten's Club - at the beach with movie quizzes and Monster Mashy music and managed to bring so many people to the sim we were rated as numer three on the list of visitor stats. Yay! So darlings - here's my vampire glampire kiss from me to you! XXXX

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My first runway show!!

Oh so much have happened since I last blogged - truth is, I have been a very, very busy little girl! First of all, I'm now with Aspire! Modelling Agency and the lovely, talented and altogether adorable Bianca Darling as boss. I couldn't have dreamt of a better management! Their experienced model Aunnia Wilberg have been mentoring me and guess what - on December 2'nd I have my debut on the catwalk. It's a runway show for Adored fashions and Bianca told me I was the second model to be chosen for this event. So yes, things are looking up, folks! If I am excited?? Does a bear shit in the woods? Does birds fly?? Of course I am excited - an just a little nervous too. I'm practising my catwalk strut every day now and grooming myself for the event. People believe in me and I want to do them proud. And Aunnia's been such a sweetheart, taking me shopping and helping me become the model designers want. She's only too sweet for words.
I also think I might be in the newest edition of Aspire! Magazine this month, with some lovely photos taken by the talented Viordraken Thunders of Memorial Studios - so look out for me, ok.
Second - Dragon Heart Photography, which is run by two of my greatest friends - Sally Spark and Lestat Laperriere are looking for a vendor space and we might be up for one in Dark City. So we're keeping our fingers crossed for that one.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm now officially an Aspire! Fashion Model!

heck yea - it's true! Bianca Darling, the lovely boss over at Aspire! gave me my models tag today. Now I have to get my work inventory sorted so that I have all I need to start training - and I tell ye, it's quite a bit. Who said modelling isn't hard work? Was it me? lamo
I also explored a new shop today - Paper Couture - recommended to me by my new boss. It's just so swanky!