Thursday, October 16, 2008

Me - a video babe!

Machinima, darlings! That's the name of the game right?
OK I fess up: I have been toying with the idea of being in movies for a while. So when the opportunity of taking my modelling portfolio one step further and making a small promotional flick to hand out to potential clients was presented to me I jumped at the chance. At WBA Advertising they have longtime experience with shooting machinima - they have been at it for over two years and they have also developed a unique system for streaming the movies in-world. After seeing samples of their work I just knew I had to have a bash at this. So boldly I signed up for a model portfolio shoot with director AWM Mars, met up in his studio and the result you can see here:

It's kinda kewl, right??
The actual shooting footage went smooth. All I really had to do was pick suitable poses, supply a photo to be used as a background in the movie and choose 4-5 outfits and style myself in ways that shows my diversity as a model, hop on the rotating disk in the studio and do my model thang! Completely painless and very efficient. When you sign with the WBA-guys they don’t just let your movie stream in-world, but for people outside Second Life they also stream your movie on their website!!
The staff was a joy to work with and all I had to do was look good, which is just how I prefer. If you're interested in checking out what they can offer both models and others Id suggest looking at their website:
- or contact Webgoddess Mars in-world. Happy shooting!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Style icon: Mariska Veres

Ok this week I’ve copied the look of my ultimate style inspiration – the dutch singer Mariska Veres. Veres was the vocalist of a popgroup named Shocking Blue – a band who had several hits in the UK and rest of Europe in the early seventies. I have attached some You Tube links so you can check her out for yourselves – I swear to god i have never EVER seen anyone with higher wow-factor than her, male or female. Man, watching those clips I still wanna BE her!!

I was only a little kid when Mariska Veres was big, but she kinda made me want to grow up fast. I’m still willing to argue the point that she’s the most gorgeous woman who ever lived, and to me she will always be the ultimate sex symbol - even hotter than Jim Morrison!! Unfortunately she grew old, overweight and late in life she was reduced to do bad cover versions of other peoples material until last year she passed away.

But in the late sixties and early seventies there was noone who could touch her. Compared as she was to Grace Slick I’d say Shocking Blue could play Jefferson Airplane off any stage in their heyday and when Slicks voice was ok Mariska’s was divine. And of course it was her sex-kitten looks with those big painted eyes... My lifelong loveaffair with false eyelashes, nude frosty lipstick, big hair, and suede jackets with tassles are all homage to her. Just watching these old You Tube clips brings me to tears, “Send me a postcard”, “Never Marry a Rail Road man”, “Harley Davidson”, “Blossom Lady” and of course “Venus” – the song which Bananarama covered in the eighties. I loved Bananarama but I’m sorry – there’s noone who can do that song like Mariska Veres and Shocking Blue. NO ONE. Enough said.

Here I’m doing my Mariska look, tho i know - i could never ever be as gorgeous as her -t here's only one true original. R.I.P Mariska beautifiul. I'm still a little girl in awe when watching you.

Top: Vitamin C
Jewellry: Hoop Earrings by Eco Brocco and collar by Shiny Things

Knitted mini dress by Kitties Lair
Belt by Extraordinaire

Jacket: by LeeZu Baxter
Top: by OPIUM
Booty shorts: by Vitamin C

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reharsals for ASpiRE's Chic Boutique Runway Show

Aspire did a kickass fashion show for Chic Boutique's lingerie and skins last weekend. The place was packed with people from the SL fashion business, models, stylists, magazine people - and ASpiRE's founder Bianca Darling (!!!) - that felt exceptionally good! Babyhoney Bailey did some remarakble styling and set building. There were models popping up of tables and posing on moving Martini glasses - the result reminding me of a swanky 60ties bachelor pad, thogh Babyhoney said she had had more Britney poledancing in mind when she created it lol. Anyways, the finished result was a whole lot better than in these photos - you may check them out on the ASpiRE's fashion blog. But I took som snaps of me and some of the other models from one of the many rehersals - as I just love behind the scenes pics, they are so funny. Hope you enjoy them too!

Babyhoney, Keeley, Masumi, Azia, Damiana and me posing on the moving glass lol

Keeley Huet posing pretty on the grand piano

Anyone for chamber music? Keeley Huet and myself testing poses.

The King and I

It's no secret I am a HUGE Elvis fan, neither is it a secret I have a wonderful man who's willing to put up with all my little whims. So last week, day before the 16th of August - whom all knows is a sad sad day - we dressed up as Elvis and Pricilla and went to Graceland lol. It felt kinda weird but definately good to pose in front of the famous gates or give the King a private show in the Jungle room...and wow don't you just love Coeur's sideburns? That look always makes me go weak in the knees.

My baby and i - the great pretenders

Coeur Auer: Typical hillbillies, bury you in their own back yard.
Honey Bender: You say that as if it's a bad thing!

Dancing for the King in the Jungle Room

Coeur looks quite at home in Graceland - that's what you get when you get yourself an all american man. Rarrrrrr

Love me tender....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Midsummer Night's Dream

July 23'rd my friend and model mate Summer Deadlight - supermodel and sexiest kitty DJ - celebrated her B-day. Yea - the fact that she'll be 25 forever.
The theme was masquerade wear - fairie, woodland spirts, elves, horse heads, centaur bodies, Oberons, Pans, anything fairytale like. Frolic Mills had decorated the square in SL Boulevard to look like the perfect stage for all movers and shakers to come out and play. In spite of massive lag and several crashes I managed to take a few snaps - enjoy!

Summer Deadlight, looking awsome as always.

Elves and other fantasy creatures

Bianca Darling, founder of Aspire Modelling Agency (while she still had her top on lol)

Me and the love of my life, the horny beast Coeur Auer.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Shopping with your man

I am basically a solitary shopper. But if I'm just browsing I find the shopping experience so more interesting if I'm dragging a guy along - and it can be any guy - Coeur or just a mate - because the pattern is always the same: I focus on the merchandise and they focus on.....well the merchandise too. But not the same merchandise. Guys tend to focus on the stuff that's not for sale.
Here's a typical conversation between the love of my life and myself at the mall:

Honey: gawd, i need these skins. I wonder how many makeups you get with each
Coeur: I would wreck that chick!
Honey: who? (looks around - slightly annoyed)
Coeur: Josie

Honey: Who the fuck's Josie? (thinking: i'll wreck her too!)
Coeur: that skin - it's called Josie

Honey: *sighs*
Honey: Oh? really - want me to try it on?
Coeur: Josie wouldn't be allowed outta bed. I'm rock hard now
Honey sighs. Tries on a skin.
Coeur: oo i can see your nipples through your shirt!

Honey: aaah they sell skin here
Coeur: ooh half naked chicks!
Honey: they are ladyboy skins, dear. Men in drag.
Coeur: Ok, you just browse. I'll just watch your ass.

Honey: sorry - I crashed
Coeur: I love watching your boobies pop! *grins*
Honey persuades Coeur to try a hair demo.
Coeur: the reason they named this hair "Rebel" is because the designer couldn't spell the word "yuck".
Honey sighs.
Coeur: is that girl on the poster you?
Honey: No.
Coeur: aah I thought it was - but that was before I'd seen your modelling shape

Coeur's doing his thing at the Maitreya mall, sporting a Crusty the Clown T-shirt. This is why guys survive - they're so fucking hot you just can't make yourself kill them.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Ignition" - Metro Models Opening Party

Alaska Mtropolitan, founder of Metro Models have expanded the agency, added a bunch of new hot faces and opened the agencys offices and runway in a spanking new sim. To celebrate the opening Metro Models threw i gig opening party yesterday, sunday 29th of June. On the runway models Serenity, Celebrity, Valerie and Gamp strutted their stuff in the funky designs of one of SL's most celebrated designers, miss Callie Cline. MC/DJ wasDJ Summerkat and hostess Nemi McCoy. Myself an Eclair were hired in as firespinners and as I am a girl from the circus I adored that job - it really catered to my burlesque side (yea, i adore "Carnivale" and everything carny lol).
The afterparty was spectacular, with - yes movers and shakers hehehe, i love that phrase - loads of prizes and ended with spectacular firework displays.

Not so much of a mover, more of a shaker: me at the Ignition"-show after party.

Real movers and shakers: models Gamp Lane and Relax Mills. Gamp of course - in Callie Cline's famous bubble dress.

Moving and shaking: DJ Summerkat (Summer Deadlight) and Barbarella Fousing.

Eshi Otawara had the biggest dress at the ball.

Hostess and model Nemi McCoy in sexy leopard print - rarrrrrrrr.

Definately shakers: my old mate Byron Beauchamp's been signed as one of Metro's new male faces - yay! - so now we get to work together.

Moving and shaking to her hearts delight: the sexiest publisher and celebrity model of SL, miss Celebrity Trollp of Second Style Magazine.

Hot stuff: yeah, its burning - model Margosio Lohen playing with fire.

Metro Models founder and CEO Alaska Metropolitan. A mover and a shaker if i ever saw one.

Callie in Callie - the dress and the legend all in one package.

Fireworks at the end of the afterparty.

Byron and me - whisked off for a photoshoot at the Metro Studio midway through the party.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Photo shoot with MelissaJeanne Flores

I did my calendar shoot with MJ today for the new VIP Calendar we are creating for Mirage. I am Miss October so naturally i chose something vampy - I'm such a Halloween nut. While MJ was working I took som snaps so here's a preview - enjoy!

Me snapping MJ snapping me lol.

Shawno perved in while we were working and came in with beers lol.

Catsuit: Razorblade Kittens by Voltaire Eel
Shorts: Vitamin C by Ciera Bergman
Belt: Digit Dakes
Skin: Nomine
Hair: Analog Dog
Boots: Armyst

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mirage - my new hangout!

They say when a door closes a new one will often open up. It's not a cliché for nothing - it just so happens after Arsheba closed, the old management group got their shit together and started a new club. Mirage - like a vision in the desert it a gorgeous club with all the treats guests loved about Arsheba - plus a few new twists. The club is due to open the 7th of july. I snapped these photos when we were in MelissaJeanne's studio doing promo shots the other day. Anybody want to be added to our VIP group IM me, Allie Munro, Cae Melson, Hannah Jefferys, Busty Miles, Krystanna Bonetto, SabrinaRenee Davieau, Zizi Rabeni or Sahara Moonlight in-world.

Showing off my tats for MJ

Sahara, Allie, Cae and me posing as vixens of the desert in MelissaJeanne Flores' studio.

New Cyber Punk Shop: .:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::.

MekaNoiZe Labs is the brainchild of Seereina Geiger and Void Redstar. They specialize in high quality futuristic and cyberpunk fashions, with hand-drawn textures and sculpted prim accessories.
The build itself is worth a look as well - it's different from anything else in Second Life.
.:: Enter the Machine ::.

Gorgeous shop displays the futuristic creations of Seereina Geiger.

Me and Seereina after i came in and cleaned the shop out - i think i bought everything!

Me in MekaNoiZe Labs Invader catsuit in silver with matching hair and goggles.

Me wearing the MekaNoiZe Labs Invader catsuit in black.