Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Cyber Punk Shop: .:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::.

MekaNoiZe Labs is the brainchild of Seereina Geiger and Void Redstar. They specialize in high quality futuristic and cyberpunk fashions, with hand-drawn textures and sculpted prim accessories.
The build itself is worth a look as well - it's different from anything else in Second Life.
.:: Enter the Machine ::.

Gorgeous shop displays the futuristic creations of Seereina Geiger.

Me and Seereina after i came in and cleaned the shop out - i think i bought everything!

Me in MekaNoiZe Labs Invader catsuit in silver with matching hair and goggles.

Me wearing the MekaNoiZe Labs Invader catsuit in black.

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