Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mirage - my new hangout!

They say when a door closes a new one will often open up. It's not a cliché for nothing - it just so happens after Arsheba closed, the old management group got their shit together and started a new club. Mirage - like a vision in the desert it a gorgeous club with all the treats guests loved about Arsheba - plus a few new twists. The club is due to open the 7th of july. I snapped these photos when we were in MelissaJeanne's studio doing promo shots the other day. Anybody want to be added to our VIP group IM me, Allie Munro, Cae Melson, Hannah Jefferys, Busty Miles, Krystanna Bonetto, SabrinaRenee Davieau, Zizi Rabeni or Sahara Moonlight in-world.

Showing off my tats for MJ

Sahara, Allie, Cae and me posing as vixens of the desert in MelissaJeanne Flores' studio.

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