Monday, October 30, 2006

More rockabilly gurly stuff

I bought this dress in a two-pack at 800-Betties the other week. Yes I know it's not a new one and it's probably owned by half a dozen rockabilly chicks in SL - but who cares when it's a hot dress?
On another note - I noticed they have started doing a version of a classic pinup-do at Gurl 6 now - I first spotted the style at Kin Keiko's for little over two months ago. It looks like rockabilly is growing in SL? There's also a lot more painted ladies everywhere, sporting both tribals and old school tattoos. I got the note card that my friend Bellish Vallois does custom orders of his lovely ink now and I'm considering having somesthing done for my collar bone area and something for a friend - she wants something racy on her left thigh...Anyway here's some of Bellish lovely motives that you can choose from to have a more personalized style.

From Bellish Vallois' lovely old school tattoo motives that you can build into your own customized motive.

My dress from 800-Betties, and me wearing hair designed by Antonia Marat/artilleri. Photographed outside artilleri's store.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Modelling Portfolio

OK, I've started working on my professional modelling portfolio now. It's just a sample here - anyone who wants to see more have to go to the slprofiles page - it's like My Space for SL, and a cool way to keep in touch and keep everybody updated on your work/life/exciting ventures/parties etc.
I've done a series of Bettie Page tribute photos and will also have some spooky shots taken in time for Halloween....And of course there's the burlesque showgirl shoot. MMM so much work, so little time...:)
The vintage looking corset and lingerie in the pic above is from 800-Betties which is a great retro shop in SL. I have also seen an Elvira Mistress of the Dark-costume that i'm contemplating getting. It's 600 lindens - not too bad, as it comes with hair as well as full outfit and dagger.
I have sooo many ideas for new shoots now I find it hard to rest. So keep commig back, I will make sure I publish some teasers for you here. And - of course, any designer, shop or others who would like to hire me to promote their work must IM me or send me e-mail. My addy is:

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Creating a look

I've had this bikini-top for ages, I don't remember where I got it - if you know the shop/artist please let me know and I'll give the designer his or her rightful due.

Anyways, I'm so fed up with bumping into people wearing the same outfit as me in SL it's actually stopped me from purchasing many great outfits - especially if the price is good, because I know the clubs will be swarming with girlies wearing the same - eeeeek! Yes, yes I know, it's very fashionista I know - but I cringe every time that happens. So for an early Halloween-party last weekend I teamed my bikini top with red thigh high f**ck-me boots, horns and this pair of fishnets and thong from another of my favourite shops in SL - Nymphetamine - for a more customized look.

I would love to design myself, simply for the fact I could design unique pieces. I hunt SL for designers who are willing to do so. I mean hey, I would pay BIG lindens for that!!! Whassup, don't you wanna get rich?? Unfortunately most people feel they do not have the time to do custome work, and what can you do but respect it :/ I understand their point, but it won't stop me trying to ask :)

In the meantime I'll enjoy Bellish Vallois of Bellish Ink and Pervy in the park-store's customizable tattoos. I've already got my orders ready to send. Watch out for a painted lady!

hey - I changed the title for my blog - Faster Pussycat! There's a very special reason for that. I'll let you know real soon...:)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Nyla Cheeky Gown

Ok here's the gown with matching hat Nyla Cheeky gave me - I just had to post a photo of it as it's so exquisite. And the best of all - this girl can make these dresses for real! Anyways it turned out I had these matching thigh high boots in my bulging inventory, goes nicely with the skirt. The dress also comes with a full lenght big skirt and is the perfect party outfit for that burlesque event or club happening I love going to this time of year.let me know what you think, ok. And most of all - go to Nylas shop and spend some cash. It's all good!

Nyla Cheeky Corset

Hi, just discovered a person I know from RL in SL, the wonderful designer Nyla Cheeky. I have been ahuge fan of her gowns for ages and now in SL I can actually wear them!
So, lindens in hand I trotted along and bought this lovely corset adorned with playing cards and dices. Due to some minor glitch in the sim something went wrong with the purchase and Nyla called me back so we could sort it out. We hit it off in a big way, as it turned out we have sooo much in common - we're both avid fans of old school glamour, corsets, girdles, bullet bras and seamed ff stockings - and now we have soo many things we'd like to work on if only the day had enough hours.
And to top it off - not only is Nyla Cheeky a grrreat designer - she even gave me a beautiful gown as a present, she liked my looks and felt it's just right for her styles. What a compliment!! It's a yummy red gingham corset dress with big ballgown skirt and a matching hat. She also gave me a set of scrumptious opera gloves and now I'm hooked. I've already have my eyes on a greed gown in her shop and that's next on my shopping list :)
And do keep an eye out, because Nyla and I might venture out on some pretty hot ventures together...It's just some plans in the making but I'll let you all in on it soon as I have something more constructive to show. In the meantime - go take a look at Nylas shop - it's yummy yummy.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Antonia Marat design

Here are Antonias new shoes - aren't they awsome?????
Landmark: artilleri/ mainstore in gama!, Gama (204, 191, 36)

Well I'm so happy with this new hair I wear it almost all the time now...even though it's quite a way away from my own hair - Im a natural red head gone bottle blond in RL.
Today my sweet friend and designer Antoina Marat gave me a pair of awsome shoes - with leopard print pattern!! I just looove them...She's such an awsome designer, she gave me this cute Betty Boop alarm clock the other day just like that...Hopefully she'll make some logo t-thirts soon so I can advertize a bit as I walk around in world.
Tomorrow I'm catwalking for Neferia Abel, should be good. Hopefully I won't walk into things like I normally does :D. More of a poser than a catwalk model yet, but hey you gotta start somewhere, right?
Last night I went to a Chuck Berry celebration in town (RL), then I came home and had coctails with a good friend at this swanky jazz club here in SL and after I went to Darkcity so see if there was anybody hangin around in the club. The pace was unusually quiet so I did some shopping instead - now there's a surprise!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Sexy Leopard

Ok, I have to come clean and admit it: I love animal prints! Ok, that settled I have another confession to make as well: I love PINK animal prints!!
Give me zebra, cow, giraffe, tiger or leopard - I love them all. If that qualifies for the status as a desperate houswife or mutton dressed as lamb so be it. I don't really care how many Jackie Collins novels have leopard print covers or how many zebra print shirts you find in her sister Joans wardrobe, I will forever deck out my home and my body in these adorably sexy prints. Thats why I adore Dolce & Gabbana in RL and hope to find something similar in SL. Hopefulley soon I will...Anyone have any tips, don't hesitate to reply. I've got linndens to burn!!

Candy kisses
Honey B

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My new Bettie-look. With a bit of adjusting this hair turned out quite well, although I still have not found exactly what I'm after.

Building Honey B

Okies, this is me today after yet another maintenance break. I'm slowly building my new and more personalzied look in here, slowly moving away from the bimbo I was in the beginning.

Thanks to Bellish of Pervy in the Park and Celebrity Trollop I have found some good retro hair, Bettie Page style, which is brill with my new look. The fun thing is - I become more and more like the real me...Sacary lol

I bought these 50ties glasses at Artilleri -
Antonia Marat, /artilleri/ mainstore in gama!, Gama (190, 213, 40) - they are made by Antoinia Marat, one of my fave designers in here.
This weekend I start my own label in here, I've found a name, a location for my first shop and an idea. Now I have decided I will try and make some custome textures to give the clothes a more individual feel. I'm actually getting quite fed up meeting too many people with the same clothes in here, and I plan to make some of my clothing lines limited editions and custome pieces.

Sunday I'm catwalking for a friend of mine, Neferia Abel ~Neferia`s Designer Store~Slustleria 15, Slustleria (234, 170, 37) - I can't wait, her designs are fun and I love modelling.

Now - all I really need is more shoes - 50ties style. I habe bought some at Minx and Betties 1930 - 50, in the last shop I also found some cool suits secretary style. Thats my two personaes ready: rockabilly gurl - and - 1950ties secretary. lol Nothing like a contrast huh

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday blues

Well I had all of today off from RL work and planned to get a lot of work done in SL and then the damned grid went down. I'm a bit pisses about that.
On a better note, I have come to grips with the basic knowledge of designing clothes and modyfying hairpieces. As I have a hard time finding anyone who cater spesifically for my taste in SL I have decided it's time to take this matter into my own hands and start working on it. My goal is to have a full portfolio of designs - say half a regular collection - by Christmas.

Having said that I have made some wonderful designing friends in here - Bellish Vallois of Pervy in the Park, Antonia of Artillery and Neferia who all design wonderful clothes.