Monday, October 16, 2006

Nyla Cheeky Corset

Hi, just discovered a person I know from RL in SL, the wonderful designer Nyla Cheeky. I have been ahuge fan of her gowns for ages and now in SL I can actually wear them!
So, lindens in hand I trotted along and bought this lovely corset adorned with playing cards and dices. Due to some minor glitch in the sim something went wrong with the purchase and Nyla called me back so we could sort it out. We hit it off in a big way, as it turned out we have sooo much in common - we're both avid fans of old school glamour, corsets, girdles, bullet bras and seamed ff stockings - and now we have soo many things we'd like to work on if only the day had enough hours.
And to top it off - not only is Nyla Cheeky a grrreat designer - she even gave me a beautiful gown as a present, she liked my looks and felt it's just right for her styles. What a compliment!! It's a yummy red gingham corset dress with big ballgown skirt and a matching hat. She also gave me a set of scrumptious opera gloves and now I'm hooked. I've already have my eyes on a greed gown in her shop and that's next on my shopping list :)
And do keep an eye out, because Nyla and I might venture out on some pretty hot ventures together...It's just some plans in the making but I'll let you all in on it soon as I have something more constructive to show. In the meantime - go take a look at Nylas shop - it's yummy yummy.

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