Monday, November 09, 2009

New Collection: No Future

"God Save the Queen" gown

Entrance at GIA INternational for the Punk World Show Saturday 7th of November 2009.

Big thanks to Patty Cortes, Herradura Baar, HoneyBear Lilliehook and Babyhoney Bailey, plus all the beautiful Glance models - not just for for making this show possible but for rocking the runway and creating such an awsome overall concept for this show. They aregiving designers the very best of what Second Life fashion has to offer. Glance International is simply the best modelling and fashion agency in the metaverse, and I will recommend it to any fashion house who are out to promote their brand in style. This crew rocks!

Shown off at the Punk World runway show at Glance International on saturday 7th of November. The collection is a homage to britpunk and icons like Sid and Nancy, The Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood who has always been my heroine. All creations are available at the Faster Pussycat manistore in Redux.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Crazy party month

Yes, that's what it's been. Even for a pixelated avatar the fall gets busy with lots of parties and coolass happenings. This fall started out with Glance's huge birthday celebration - our first year as an agency. Patty has kept us all busy and if anybody deserves an award this year it's her. Honestly. The Fall kickoff was an amazing 2 day show with so many designers and models attending it makes me dizzy just to talk about. Then - .:Naive designer Leah McCullogh had my dress ready (i will make it a special post) which I hade the honor of showing on the runway and on posters in her show. It was all for winning the .:Naive photo contest in August.
Then - more parties and awards. These photos are from Glance International's Photo Awards and from the Glance Magazine launch party. To top it all off i was chosen as Glance's Model of the Month in the premier issue of the magazine, and have been crazy busy after with shoots and shows and all the glitz and glam that comes with it. And to top it all off Paty made my dream come true this month, picking me as cover model on 2 fashion publications of October - plus giving me 10-12 spreads on the magazine. Patty - you have made this October so memorable I can sometimes not believe it's true lol

GIA Gothic Fashion Show

I officialy love October and everything spooky that comes with it - like Halloween! As usual this month has been crazy busy - among the many things we had the most awsome fashion runway show at Glance freaturing the designs of House of Rfyre and Sangre Noir plus the lovely Aimesi skins. Here is a capture from Sharron Schuman, I just love how this photo came out. The gown is from Sangre Noir and was a forties Film Noir kind of design, Herradure Baar had written the most amazing little blurbs about the vampire Sangre's 300 year old life story - for each and every outfit an original little story. And this smooth coctail dress with rose decorated sash and little bustle represents the years when the vampire Sangre was a vampy gothic pinup and worked in the New York underground as a nightclub performer during the 1940ties. I just love that story Herra lol. And Sharron - the snap is adorable!


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer 2009: "Africa"

"Africa" is the theme for Faster Pussycat's line of light summer dresses 2009. Inspired by the vibrant colors of the most beautiful continent of the world.

Sometimes it rocks to say "yes"...

Weddingdresses and gowns from Faster Pussycat are for people who want things a little less traditional.
The "Ashai" gown is a gothic gown with full length veil,
tightly laced leather corset and spiderweb top.
"Webby" is a fifties New look gown with full skirt, petticoats and a white satin corset over cream brocade. The dress also comes in a full length version.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do me a fave - listen to this

These songs and this voice makes me cry with emotion...and bear in mind both songs are live perfromances, and the guy and his backing singers sounds amazing.
There's done so many covers of this song but Leonard wrote it and his version is King.

if there is anything spiritual in this world it must sound like this.

And this:

"I have seen the future brother
it is murder..."

Words of a genious.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OMG - check this!

Looks like i won .:Naive's photo contest for June!!! I am soo happy about that.
In two months I have entered 3 contests amd won one 3'rd prize, one 2nd and then one 1st. When Leah McCullough IM'ed me with the news I really had nooo idea I would grab this prize - so all I can do is say thank you so mucho guys!
Also a BIG thank you to Angel Dessous' Nando Korobase and Emanuelle Bury of Ema's Secret for letting me shine. Photos will be posted promptly. woohoooo!!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why I love hairbands

I am forever in love with glamrock and what seems to have sprung out of the original glam scene of the seventies – what my darling Coeur spitefully call hairbands. Why do I like this?Well...because they are cool of course, its all in the name of GREAT style sense - in a very poser “look at my crotch”- kinda way. Tight pants, loads of hair, add guitars, piles of scantily clad women, cheap booze, loud noize and life doesn't really get any better than that. Ok so I don't really have any better explanation for this fetish, because i know the overall visual is tacky and a bit comical like a rock’n’roll pastiche - New York Dolls always kinda looked like the drag version of Rolling Stones. Oh's only rock'n'roll and I like it *shrugs*

I cant really get enough of it no matter how "outdated" scared little trend-midgets might call it - I have to have a regular fix of Hanoi Rocks, Stage Dolls or Europe.... just like your average a fat person overindulging on chocholate brownies.
Now, i would suggest that the worlds most famous hairband is Bon Jovi although their staying power might have proved that they reached far beyond the hairband era of the 80ties – a sensatuonal decade for everything big and excessive. I think my fave hairband bonanza would include a lineup of: Europe, TNT, Hanoi Rocks *faints*, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Stage Dolls (amg *faints-faints-faints*), and guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen...Now Darkness tried it on a few years back and tho i loved their style the music kinda sucked. It was like hey, guys dont turn this into comedy, glam is serious shit.
If you’re thinking like “hellyeah, i wanna look like that!!!” keywords to get it right is:
BIG hair, preferably permed and with highlights
Very tight jeans, spandex or black denim
High heel pointy boots
Open shirts
Pilot mirror glasses.
Pile on with chunky belts and flowing scarves and twist your upper lip on occation. I have designed some outfits very much inspired by this look, my Faster Pussycat red and brown “Glam Rock”-outfit for instance has clear references to this very droolworthy and flamoyant style. Call me sick – but I do love rockers who looks like rockers, not office workers. Hail hail rock'n'roll - and pass the hairspray!

All outfits are available from my mainstore Faster Pussycat in Redux.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Harlow Mansion

This is my Harlow Mansion, a spacious white prefab with luxurious details: big fireplaces, two indoor pools, bedroom with fully equipped sexgen bed, bathroom and terrace. The prefab will be sold with an optional pack of furniture. But all lamps, bath decor and bed is included in the prefab. For sale from mid. July.

Lounge, pool and stairway to the second floor plus huge artpiece picturing the source of inspiration for this glamourous prefab, Hollywood legend Jean Harlow.

Kitchen area with huge fireplace and open diningroom and lounge space and french tinted windows.

Upstairs lounge, and modern black leather sofas, luxurious rug and big light bauble.

TV room with fireplace and massage carpet for those quiet moments at home with your date.

Upstairs hallway leading to an open spa/bathrrom and ajoining bedroom.

Bathroom detail, all furniture here comes with prefab and will be fully mod.

Upstairs terrace with huge glass doors.

Funky Furniture

A collection of funky furniture I am working on. Will be up for sale from my Faster Pussycat store in Redux by mid. July. Perfect for all you cute little candy kittens everywhere. Sofas will be menudriven full sexgen.

Japanese play platform

This japanese sky platform comes with fishpond, trees, playhouse with sexgen bed, massage/meditation centre, spa and tatami room where you can enjoy a nice plate of sushi for a romantic and seductive night with your lover. Also excellent as an escort place for the more exotic tastes. Soon available from my Faster Pussycat Prefab store in Redux.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Swimsuit shoot

Does bikini shoots always have to be about being nice and sunny? I tried to go for a darker, more disturbing atmosphere on this new shoot - you can see the rest of my pics on my spanking new flickr page
Yes, you guessed it!! I finally got my finger out of my butt and started a flickr account. Please visit and do leave a message, feedback is always nice.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nudity - still controversal?

I have just picked up a new photo competition challenge to read the words: "strictly NO nudity". Sighs. I guess there goes another contest I will not enter. Not because i cannot stick rules but because to me this has become a principle.Now in danger of comming across as an avid pornographer (hey – would that be so bad?) I really do wonder: what is this obsession with nudity in Second Life?As a photographer i'm sorry but I will not work with anyobody who set limits for what is actually photographed. I agree every contest should have rules, but i find it hard if the rules actually interfere in the artistic content.As a model i will most definately do nudity just as I see fit – and especially working with a good photographer or designer. I have modelled myself in RL, and the willingness to do nudity is never expected but always preferred, even if there are exceptions made for models who for some reason does not want to show lingerie or swimwear. They just don't work as much. But ask any TOP model - from Naomi Campbell til Kate Moss if they have ever posed naked and the answer is yes.As for the implications it is a moralistic issue: Perhaps it is because i was brought up in a part of the world where we have a very relaxed and liberated relationship with nudity, I have no problem with pornography and although the naked human body certainly does not belong everywhere, we do not really see anything morally wrong with it being on display in art, fashion and the likes.The naked body can be esthetic and pleasant and even without any hint of indecency or degradation (apart from in the head of the beholder) and this is why in art, the naked body is a prominent figure. These days it is also frequently present in cutting edge fashion photography, you can hardly open any European fashion magazine without seeing a naked female breast or tush in fashion spreads and beauty adverts. Even high fashion labels like YSL have chosen to promote one of their male fragrances with a gorgeous photo of a naked male model - full frontal - shot by the reknowned fashion photographer Solve Sundsbol. The advert appeared in many top glossies a couple of years back, and tho it was concidered slightly controversal Tom Ford had it down: what has fashion become if it can no longer be controversal? We're not talking suburbian girl scouts gatherings here remember - we're talking FASHION. cutting edge fashion....anyone??On the international runway a bare female breast hardly shocks anyone these days. I would like to see the faces of John Galliano or Donatella Versace if any professional model kicked up a stink over anything like that.This debate seems outdated. And still you do come across the occational heated discussions over Miley Cyrus showing her naked back for Annie Leibowitz cam or hear people go into hysterics over Janet's nipple slip. And not to mention – Michelle Obamas naked arms in a sleeveless dress!!!!!!!! OMG, i am laughing so much it hurts here. Have they no historic insights?? Didn’t the First Lady of all First Ladies – Jackie O – practically INVENT sleeveless fashion???
But in SL I have been on the runway with models who actually freaked at the sight of their own areolas. I have had designers ask me in an almost appologetic tone if i would mind showing a garment that is concidered "too revealing". I just do not get it - isn't it time to be more relaxed about this? All nudity is not nasty you know. Sometimes it can be both beautiful and innocent. Just a thought....

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Me - a Second Styler!

I know it's weird to blog about blogging but I was recently asked by Celebrity Trollop to contribute to the Second Style Fashionista blog - which happens to be not just a fab blog but THE most influential SL fashion blog ever. I have been reading that blog since I started SL way back in august 2006 and ever since I earned my first lindens dancing Second Style has guided my shopping habits. It was Second Style that helped me find my first ever rockabilly retro hairstyle at Kin Keiko before rockabilly became the big thing in the SL fashion world. It was Second Style Magazine that inspired me to start taking photographs and taught me there was more to SL photography than lining a model up in an M30 studio against a premade background. And I used to skulk around Second Style magazines headquarters daily hoping to meet some of the awsomnesses that worked there, maybe hoping to catch a glimpse of La Editresse herself. Many months later I met Celebrity Trollop at runway shows where I was modelling and then when she became a model for Metro we even did catwalks together. I quickly learned that she sure has Anna Wintours fashion sense but Celeb has a much warmer and downright dirty fun personality. Once we showed up at a Ewing fashion show in identical leopard print artilleri coats and black gothic hairstyles - which under normal circumstances would have been concidered a disaster. But instead of sneaking off to a discreet spot to quickly reattach outfits and hair Celeb came over, posed next to me and turned a classic fashion faux pas into something fun, something that even landed us in the AvaStar gossip pages.So you can imagine when she asked me the other day if I would help blog for Second Style Fashionistas I was incredibly flattered. Celeb's idea is to dedicate each month to a different fashion topic and January is 30 Days of Skin. I would recommend you all go read it if it isnt already in your favourites - I think it will be great.