Thursday, January 08, 2009

Me - a Second Styler!

I know it's weird to blog about blogging but I was recently asked by Celebrity Trollop to contribute to the Second Style Fashionista blog - which happens to be not just a fab blog but THE most influential SL fashion blog ever. I have been reading that blog since I started SL way back in august 2006 and ever since I earned my first lindens dancing Second Style has guided my shopping habits. It was Second Style that helped me find my first ever rockabilly retro hairstyle at Kin Keiko before rockabilly became the big thing in the SL fashion world. It was Second Style Magazine that inspired me to start taking photographs and taught me there was more to SL photography than lining a model up in an M30 studio against a premade background. And I used to skulk around Second Style magazines headquarters daily hoping to meet some of the awsomnesses that worked there, maybe hoping to catch a glimpse of La Editresse herself. Many months later I met Celebrity Trollop at runway shows where I was modelling and then when she became a model for Metro we even did catwalks together. I quickly learned that she sure has Anna Wintours fashion sense but Celeb has a much warmer and downright dirty fun personality. Once we showed up at a Ewing fashion show in identical leopard print artilleri coats and black gothic hairstyles - which under normal circumstances would have been concidered a disaster. But instead of sneaking off to a discreet spot to quickly reattach outfits and hair Celeb came over, posed next to me and turned a classic fashion faux pas into something fun, something that even landed us in the AvaStar gossip pages.So you can imagine when she asked me the other day if I would help blog for Second Style Fashionistas I was incredibly flattered. Celeb's idea is to dedicate each month to a different fashion topic and January is 30 Days of Skin. I would recommend you all go read it if it isnt already in your favourites - I think it will be great.

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