Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reharsals for ASpiRE's Chic Boutique Runway Show

Aspire did a kickass fashion show for Chic Boutique's lingerie and skins last weekend. The place was packed with people from the SL fashion business, models, stylists, magazine people - and ASpiRE's founder Bianca Darling (!!!) - that felt exceptionally good! Babyhoney Bailey did some remarakble styling and set building. There were models popping up of tables and posing on moving Martini glasses - the result reminding me of a swanky 60ties bachelor pad, thogh Babyhoney said she had had more Britney poledancing in mind when she created it lol. Anyways, the finished result was a whole lot better than in these photos - you may check them out on the ASpiRE's fashion blog. But I took som snaps of me and some of the other models from one of the many rehersals - as I just love behind the scenes pics, they are so funny. Hope you enjoy them too!

Babyhoney, Keeley, Masumi, Azia, Damiana and me posing on the moving glass lol

Keeley Huet posing pretty on the grand piano

Anyone for chamber music? Keeley Huet and myself testing poses.

The King and I

It's no secret I am a HUGE Elvis fan, neither is it a secret I have a wonderful man who's willing to put up with all my little whims. So last week, day before the 16th of August - whom all knows is a sad sad day - we dressed up as Elvis and Pricilla and went to Graceland lol. It felt kinda weird but definately good to pose in front of the famous gates or give the King a private show in the Jungle room...and wow don't you just love Coeur's sideburns? That look always makes me go weak in the knees.

My baby and i - the great pretenders

Coeur Auer: Typical hillbillies, bury you in their own back yard.
Honey Bender: You say that as if it's a bad thing!

Dancing for the King in the Jungle Room

Coeur looks quite at home in Graceland - that's what you get when you get yourself an all american man. Rarrrrrr

Love me tender....