Thursday, April 12, 2007

Funky girl

Took these snaps of my mate Sally when we went expoloring one day. I thought she looked so funky in her dress from 7 deadly Sins, her japanese hairdo from HCT and her goth girl makeup from Canimal, i could't resist having her pose for me lol.
She's going into geisha training soon and im looking forward to a lot more photo opportunities there. This girl should be a freakin model!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Movie madness

Yup, I'm a movie geek and these pictures were made as a tribute to my favourite heroines of the silver screen - Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe. Both photos were shot by Lestat Laperriere, in the top one I'm wearing a slinky black dress from Dazzle Haute Couture and in the lower one the white Marilyn-dress from Neferia Abels Ivalde.

Celebrating summer...

As spring has just begun i cannot help but dream of summer. And to strut around a Mediterranian beach or lounge by my own private pool in one of my fave bikinis. So - to celebrate that summer is on it's way I shot these swimsuits pics. Some of the suits are brand new, others are old faves.

This white halterneck swimsuit from Adored Clothing reminds me of the one worn by Julia Adams in my fave B-movie "Creature from the Black Lagoon". Love the detail of the little flexi bow at the neck.

A hot strappy number from Musashi-Do's line of swimsuits. Don't wear this unless you want ATTENTION girls!

Very cute little beach dress, from....(name will be added soon as SL is up and running again lol)

Leopard and Zebra bikinis from a free pack i got as a noob! lol

Wild thing monokini from Dazzle Haute Couture.

Neferia's film noir spring line

Thought I'd make a tribute to the wonderful designer Neferia Abel's new spring line of pretty 40ties and 50ties dresses. The lovely suits and ensembles can be found in her store Ivalde and all bear Norwegian names. I had so much fun shooting this series of pictures and felt just like a film noir heroine - very feminine and alluring, sultry and sexy yet utterly stylish. Accessories are hair from Gala, seamed stockings from Preen and jewellry from Indyra's Originals.

All photos: Honey Bender


These images were inspired by Christina Aguilera's video Candy Man - a super-cute wartime inspired showgirl/jitterbug tribute which really blew my mind when i first saw it on MTV. In the top pic I'm wearing hair and clothes from Antionia Marat's artilleri and the next two a cute two piece sailor's costume from Tres Beau's awsome retro designs and the hair is from Gala. As i love retro styles, i'm planning more shoots like this and perhaps also a song and dance act to perform on stage.

The photos were taken by Lestat Laperriere.

Beach Party at Moon Dancer

Yup, thats my darling Lesty, a topless Kyla Namanari and me in my white retro swimsuit and the nice hair i got from Ava Lu for the Girls Night Out- fashion Show.

The Sin Wave move was fun for a while until everybody got it and it became horribly outdated lol