Saturday, February 03, 2007

Girl's night out!

Ok, it's soon time for the much talked about IVillage Fashion Extravagaza, which is being held Mon Feb 5, 2007 at 6pm SL. This is a VERY big show held on a new sim and stage and it will even be streamed LIVE on TV!!!

So -to pracise for this show Bianca and Trina recently tp'd us to the stage where we'll catwalk hot new designes from Callie Cline, Simone and Paper Couture. I get to model designes by Ava Lu of Paper Couture and I'm soo excited - pics of the outfits and makeup/hair supplied for me are at the top. Like Ava Lu said to me: I'm saturated by spring!!

Here's also a snap we took after rehersals, with all girls sitting...well sortof pretty lol. Afterwards Kirsten Corleone and I went shopping for a really nassy dance move - a true bootay shaker, dresses as sexy as possible and went clubbing at Bad Girls. Giggle.

The 3XD show

Ok, Digit Darkes is a genious. Short and sweet. Here's the outfits i modelled at her last fashion show - which was held on the Aspire-stage on the 20th of Jan - the show was so well styled - all the girls wore hair designed by Digit's sister and very dark gothic makeup. Every outfits def must-haves. So after the show i did what a girl had to do: went to Digit's shop - and cleaned it out! Yowza!