Monday, October 19, 2009

Crazy party month

Yes, that's what it's been. Even for a pixelated avatar the fall gets busy with lots of parties and coolass happenings. This fall started out with Glance's huge birthday celebration - our first year as an agency. Patty has kept us all busy and if anybody deserves an award this year it's her. Honestly. The Fall kickoff was an amazing 2 day show with so many designers and models attending it makes me dizzy just to talk about. Then - .:Naive designer Leah McCullogh had my dress ready (i will make it a special post) which I hade the honor of showing on the runway and on posters in her show. It was all for winning the .:Naive photo contest in August.
Then - more parties and awards. These photos are from Glance International's Photo Awards and from the Glance Magazine launch party. To top it all off i was chosen as Glance's Model of the Month in the premier issue of the magazine, and have been crazy busy after with shoots and shows and all the glitz and glam that comes with it. And to top it all off Paty made my dream come true this month, picking me as cover model on 2 fashion publications of October - plus giving me 10-12 spreads on the magazine. Patty - you have made this October so memorable I can sometimes not believe it's true lol

GIA Gothic Fashion Show

I officialy love October and everything spooky that comes with it - like Halloween! As usual this month has been crazy busy - among the many things we had the most awsome fashion runway show at Glance freaturing the designs of House of Rfyre and Sangre Noir plus the lovely Aimesi skins. Here is a capture from Sharron Schuman, I just love how this photo came out. The gown is from Sangre Noir and was a forties Film Noir kind of design, Herradure Baar had written the most amazing little blurbs about the vampire Sangre's 300 year old life story - for each and every outfit an original little story. And this smooth coctail dress with rose decorated sash and little bustle represents the years when the vampire Sangre was a vampy gothic pinup and worked in the New York underground as a nightclub performer during the 1940ties. I just love that story Herra lol. And Sharron - the snap is adorable!


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