Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why I love hairbands

I am forever in love with glamrock and what seems to have sprung out of the original glam scene of the seventies – what my darling Coeur spitefully call hairbands. Why do I like this?Well...because they are cool of course, its all in the name of GREAT style sense - in a very poser “look at my crotch”- kinda way. Tight pants, loads of hair, add guitars, piles of scantily clad women, cheap booze, loud noize and life doesn't really get any better than that. Ok so I don't really have any better explanation for this fetish, because i know the overall visual is tacky and a bit comical like a rock’n’roll pastiche - New York Dolls always kinda looked like the drag version of Rolling Stones. Oh's only rock'n'roll and I like it *shrugs*

I cant really get enough of it no matter how "outdated" scared little trend-midgets might call it - I have to have a regular fix of Hanoi Rocks, Stage Dolls or Europe.... just like your average a fat person overindulging on chocholate brownies.
Now, i would suggest that the worlds most famous hairband is Bon Jovi although their staying power might have proved that they reached far beyond the hairband era of the 80ties – a sensatuonal decade for everything big and excessive. I think my fave hairband bonanza would include a lineup of: Europe, TNT, Hanoi Rocks *faints*, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Stage Dolls (amg *faints-faints-faints*), and guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen...Now Darkness tried it on a few years back and tho i loved their style the music kinda sucked. It was like hey, guys dont turn this into comedy, glam is serious shit.
If you’re thinking like “hellyeah, i wanna look like that!!!” keywords to get it right is:
BIG hair, preferably permed and with highlights
Very tight jeans, spandex or black denim
High heel pointy boots
Open shirts
Pilot mirror glasses.
Pile on with chunky belts and flowing scarves and twist your upper lip on occation. I have designed some outfits very much inspired by this look, my Faster Pussycat red and brown “Glam Rock”-outfit for instance has clear references to this very droolworthy and flamoyant style. Call me sick – but I do love rockers who looks like rockers, not office workers. Hail hail rock'n'roll - and pass the hairspray!

All outfits are available from my mainstore Faster Pussycat in Redux.

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