Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Building Honey B

Okies, this is me today after yet another maintenance break. I'm slowly building my new and more personalzied look in here, slowly moving away from the bimbo I was in the beginning.

Thanks to Bellish of Pervy in the Park and Celebrity Trollop I have found some good retro hair, Bettie Page style, which is brill with my new look. The fun thing is - I become more and more like the real me...Sacary lol

I bought these 50ties glasses at Artilleri -
Antonia Marat, /artilleri/ mainstore in gama!, Gama (190, 213, 40) - they are made by Antoinia Marat, one of my fave designers in here.
This weekend I start my own label in here, I've found a name, a location for my first shop and an idea. Now I have decided I will try and make some custome textures to give the clothes a more individual feel. I'm actually getting quite fed up meeting too many people with the same clothes in here, and I plan to make some of my clothing lines limited editions and custome pieces.

Sunday I'm catwalking for a friend of mine, Neferia Abel ~Neferia`s Designer Store~Slustleria 15, Slustleria (234, 170, 37) - I can't wait, her designs are fun and I love modelling.

Now - all I really need is more shoes - 50ties style. I habe bought some at Minx and Betties 1930 - 50, in the last shop I also found some cool suits secretary style. Thats my two personaes ready: rockabilly gurl - and - 1950ties secretary. lol Nothing like a contrast huh

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