Saturday, October 14, 2006

Well I'm so happy with this new hair I wear it almost all the time now...even though it's quite a way away from my own hair - Im a natural red head gone bottle blond in RL.
Today my sweet friend and designer Antoina Marat gave me a pair of awsome shoes - with leopard print pattern!! I just looove them...She's such an awsome designer, she gave me this cute Betty Boop alarm clock the other day just like that...Hopefully she'll make some logo t-thirts soon so I can advertize a bit as I walk around in world.
Tomorrow I'm catwalking for Neferia Abel, should be good. Hopefully I won't walk into things like I normally does :D. More of a poser than a catwalk model yet, but hey you gotta start somewhere, right?
Last night I went to a Chuck Berry celebration in town (RL), then I came home and had coctails with a good friend at this swanky jazz club here in SL and after I went to Darkcity so see if there was anybody hangin around in the club. The pace was unusually quiet so I did some shopping instead - now there's a surprise!

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