Friday, October 13, 2006

Sexy Leopard

Ok, I have to come clean and admit it: I love animal prints! Ok, that settled I have another confession to make as well: I love PINK animal prints!!
Give me zebra, cow, giraffe, tiger or leopard - I love them all. If that qualifies for the status as a desperate houswife or mutton dressed as lamb so be it. I don't really care how many Jackie Collins novels have leopard print covers or how many zebra print shirts you find in her sister Joans wardrobe, I will forever deck out my home and my body in these adorably sexy prints. Thats why I adore Dolce & Gabbana in RL and hope to find something similar in SL. Hopefulley soon I will...Anyone have any tips, don't hesitate to reply. I've got linndens to burn!!

Candy kisses
Honey B

1 comment:

antonia said...

well, who doesnt love leopard prints?!? :D i like your new blog hun, i'll put a link to it in mine. see you in world! :D