Friday, April 02, 2010

Pose Fair: (*chanimations

It brings me such joy to be able to bring you the Pose Fair news from one of SL's top pose and photographer's props creator - namely Chandra Meehan, and (*chanimations.  I have loved her stuff for ages and even won several photo contests with them so naturally I was very curious to see what she has come up with the fair. I was not dissapointed. Chandra has created to awsome new  multi functional props - "Exorcism" and "Source of Life", two full scene builds with many many functions, from throwing spells to binding your victims and releasing soap bubbles and fire (!!) Of course these will enable you to shoot some truly magican photos, but kept up in a sim the props can also very well functrion as a great RP set for you and your friends. 

OK, "Exorcism" first. This set is structured in multiple layers, it can be used as a one-person-pose, couple pose set or if you have more magic followers at hand - let them join the outer circle of another 10 poses that surrounds the alter in a summoning. The rituals you can playe with these doesnt dare mentioning lol but your mind is the only limit.

As you can see I took the opportunity and chained my possessed  friend lol and bound an additional sinner at the side of the altar while I wrestled with the nassy demons.

Then theres the lovely "Source of Life"  set -  a spring celebration.

Sourceress "-Source of Life" - is Chandra Meehan's and (*chanimations release to celebrate the awakening of nature after the long winter. The set contains the following photography props and poses with the following properties:
• (*magicWand_kneel, 
• (*magicWand_wander, 
• (*magicWand_cast, 
• (*magicWand_summon, 
• (*magicWand_connect, 
• (*magicWand_raise

All POSES are static and come with copy rights so you can put them into your posestands or make own poseball arrangements. 
The magic pentagram is surrounded by menu-driven energy swirls, glowing grass patches and sculpted daisies and snails. Theres lovely soap bubble poofers, magic wands and a hide/show option for the ground. Springtime is here - even my hair caught fire LOL

Lovely for creative fashion shoots as well as more occult visuals. I LOVE these props. 

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