Saturday, March 13, 2010

Evane's Hearts for Haiti

Last month Mimmi Boa and Evane Models did this wonderful auction for helping the people of Haiti. Over 20 exclusive designs were auctioned off in the span of two days. Faster Pussycat's contribution you can see here:

As always I did try to have my own slightly edgy take on the "big ballgown" - so yet again, another punky outfit from me. I love the idea of creating something beautiful that will help do good in this world. So when asked if I would donate something for Evane's "Hearts for Haiti" event I custom designed my very own Help Haiti- gown. I like the fact that fashion cares, and even if I as one person feel very small I know that when we stand together, people are a force to be reckoned with - a power. So naturally I called the Haiti dress for the 
"People Have the Power"-dress.
I see these gowns as a whole new take on power dressing - with our creativity we have the power to change some wrongs to rights - and the words I chose to print on the dress were inspired by an old song by Patti Smith.
I have loved creating this dress, it is is kinda punky and wild, with a bit of 80ties pop video thrown into the mix. The hearts in the tiara and the little collar symbolizes love and empathy. The big skirt symbolizes haute couture - as this dress is a one-off - and the stripey tights and top symbolises unity, strenght and hope. The top even has the words "HOPE" printed on the back. 
Tops and bottoms are in all layers for easy wear and without the big skirt the catsuit can easily be worn under your fave denim miniskirt or booty shorts for a more casual look. 
The idea of a full bodycatsuit is warm, cocooning comfort - just what every human being needs, but especially the little children of Haiti who are suffering twice as much as everybody else with the threat of human trafficking lurking in addition to the traumas of the disaster and loss already. God bless whomever bought my dress, you are helping save lives.

If you didn't get a chance to come to this auction don't panic - there's more comming up in the months to come. Glance International are having a Relay for Life show and so is Opium. And I think Faster Pussycat will contribute to both if I get enough time. I will post more details soon as I know. See you there!

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