Thursday, January 10, 2008

On Drama

- is it two bitches fighting til death over a two-timing dog or is it simply speaking up for yourself?
DRAMA. It is probably the most over-used and misinterpreted word in all of Second Life. You see it plastered all over peoples profiles saying they want no part of it. And club owners declaring their hideously decorated hangouts as DRAMA-FREE zones. I mean - just the decor is sometimes enough to make this avatar want to throw a wobbly, let alone scream the place down.I have friends who's spouses are cheating or bosses exploiting their unpaid staff and discriminating spesific genders and when I ask why they do not confront the issues they tell me that they don't want any drama. Now, that is puzzling. And it got me thinking, what exactly is drama? Isn't life itself dramatic?A disturbing amount of people define drama like this: "I want to walk all over you, have sex with your man, steal what you got and if you say anything I will label you a drama-queeen." Or " she's a two-faced liar but I won't tell him because I don't want any drama." Or "well she is after all just a sweet little girl, i can't make myself smack her one".
Now, since when was being a doormat ever concidered cool?
If you remove all drama from your life and stop fighting for the people or things you love and care about - I would say you're either dead or on prozac. And if staying mute when you should speak up is what drama-free is all about- well then I'm outta here. I will certainly not allow a phobia to make me conflict shy or stop me caring enough to yell when needed. In fact, i might go and change my profile right now, stating under my interests and all the other lovely things I've written about myself:And by the way - I like drama. A lot.


Coeur said...

Goddamn right! Fuck em if they can't take a joke.

Amparo said...

WOW! It's like you spoke out of my soul! Not only that we seem to love the same films :). I was just writing an article about drama in sl and then stumbled across your page in search of new fashion. Would you like to contribute your words to our new sl inworld magazine. IM to Amparo Nishi if interested :)

HoneyB said...

Hell yea maybe? what kinda mag do you make?