Saturday, May 24, 2008

Too hott

I can't help but thinking dating problems sometimes stems from one out of four things:
1, you are too choosy
2, you are too good looking and noone dares to chat you up.
3, you are pretty average but think you are god's gift to man- or womankind and not afraid to say so.
4, you're a looser or a prick or both - not so often true as some people might think.

My friend Frederic comes in category 2: he is just to damn good looking. Here's a typical epidsode that happened after work at Arsheba sometime last week.
The huge black offroader comes to an abrupt stop at the traffic lights and the idiot driver honks his horn like a madman. I jump a mile high as I think I'm only inches away from being run over by some sadistic prick who no doubt see it as his calling to scare the living daylights out of well dressed girls with immaculate grooming (like me - I'm in my glamgirl-skin, and Mimrikri from head to toe apart from my shoes which are hot pink platform Stiletto Moodies- the real deal).
- Heeey baby how are you!!
Fredric bolts out of the car (yes - he is one of those nutters who actually bothers with a car in Second Life!!) as if he has a rocket up his perfect ass. I peer at him from behind my venom green sunglasses (Paper Couture) - Jackie O-style of course - and let's myself be dazzled by his pearly whites. Fredric is such a kid. But his smile never fails to melt me at least to some degree.
- Mah gawd baby how are you!!! You look fab!! Love the hair!!!
In spite the fact Fredric looks as hunky as they come he is a screaming fag: shaved head, slim figure clad in low slung skintight denims and tired leather jacket(both by Savvy Avvy) . With the expensive spray tan (Minnu Model) og black wraparound Sean John shades (FNKY), he reminds me of a young Tom Ford or some rich dude right out of rehab. Or, knowing Fredric - it's probably just some new detox cure he's on. This is a guy who spells groming with a capital G. In the passenger seat of his monstrosity of a car is draped a blond with a trendy side parting (Naughty Designs) and mirror pilot glasses (FNKY). He's in leather also (Muism). And a white T (no idea). That's all I can see. I have like no idea if he's gay too. He looks straight to me (wishful thinking).
Fredric tells me he'll be offline as he's off to New York for a few days with one of his clients - his RL business is going quite well and he's accumulated a few high brow clients who take him places - and that we must have lunch when he comes back and should he get me something from Saks or Neiman Marcus.
- We must have drinks *kissy-kissy* and those Marc Jacobs shoes??? Ooo beautiful you must see them. I'll buy them for you.
I lean close to his ear and whispers:
- Who's the blond?
Oh I'm sorry - this is Tommy, Fredric smiles. He's John's new assistant.
Tommy smiles.
- Hey there.
I look at Fredric.
- Hms, lucky John?
I stare at Fredric and mouths silently:
- He's your new boyfriend right?
- No, nothing like that. Im still single. Noone wants me.
Fredric pouts. He nudges me as a young guy, not a day older than 25 walks by.
- How come I never meet anyone like that?
Fredric pouts more. I assure him it's coz he's too much and point at him.
- You, are not gay enough. Or, you are too good looking. It's always the problem. Really good looking people never gets chatted up. People are afraid of them. You know that.
Fredric smiles. This is working.
- Do you really think so??
- I know so.
- So, how come all the hot guys are taken?
Ok, he got me there. But i guess there is a place on earth somewhere where good looking people goes to chat up other good looking people. We just do not know where it is. I tell Fredric he looks like Tom Ford. he lights up like I've never ever seen any man be so happy to be told that he looks like the worlds most famous gay texan.
But i think it is true. Really good looking people tends to be left alone, at dances, in clubs whatever. I guess there's some fairness in this world.

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