Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tribute to Pammy and Tommy.

I recently saw a clip from the new Dylan-movie "I'm not there"
( where Cate Blanchett plays Bob Dylan - i was so impressed by the way the great Blanchett managed to look like Dylan - yea it sounds like utter nonsense but it's actually true, Blanchett is pure Dylan from his "Blonde On Blonde"-period - and so i thought: well, i have so many idols. And, unlike my friends who have all wanted to shag their stars i didn't - i wanted to BE my idols. So, now i will do a weekly makeover where I'll try to style myself into one of my many icons. It's going to be a real challenge as most of my idols are actually guys (I can't wait to do Meat Loaf lol).
I thought I'd start with something a lil easier tho: In these photos Coeur and I pose as the ultimate rockstar-couple: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. It just dawned on me one day looking at C's tats how much he reminded me of the Motley Crüe drummer. And then I found this red Baywatch swimsuit and the rest was easy peasy.

Now - why would I want to do a Pammy-tribute? Well every generastion has its bombshell and we have Pammy. I loved her in "Baywatch" but it was "Barb Wire" that really turned me into a Pammy-fan. After the opening sequence of that movie where Pammy is playing with water in a wet T-shirt i knew two things: Pam was a goddesss. And i wanted to be a stripper.

And...i got my wish. Like Pam i wanted to be a bimbo with brains and I've never looked back. Pam is a selfmade woman and i don't care if she has implants enough to sink a battleship - she's hot shit.
Next: Slim Jim Phantom - former drummer of Stray Cats..

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