Thursday, October 19, 2006

Creating a look

I've had this bikini-top for ages, I don't remember where I got it - if you know the shop/artist please let me know and I'll give the designer his or her rightful due.

Anyways, I'm so fed up with bumping into people wearing the same outfit as me in SL it's actually stopped me from purchasing many great outfits - especially if the price is good, because I know the clubs will be swarming with girlies wearing the same - eeeeek! Yes, yes I know, it's very fashionista I know - but I cringe every time that happens. So for an early Halloween-party last weekend I teamed my bikini top with red thigh high f**ck-me boots, horns and this pair of fishnets and thong from another of my favourite shops in SL - Nymphetamine - for a more customized look.

I would love to design myself, simply for the fact I could design unique pieces. I hunt SL for designers who are willing to do so. I mean hey, I would pay BIG lindens for that!!! Whassup, don't you wanna get rich?? Unfortunately most people feel they do not have the time to do custome work, and what can you do but respect it :/ I understand their point, but it won't stop me trying to ask :)

In the meantime I'll enjoy Bellish Vallois of Bellish Ink and Pervy in the park-store's customizable tattoos. I've already got my orders ready to send. Watch out for a painted lady!

hey - I changed the title for my blog - Faster Pussycat! There's a very special reason for that. I'll let you know real soon...:)

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Anonymous said...

It's the pirate bikini from LapGirl, I think.. the designer is Shep Korvin. ^^