Monday, October 30, 2006

More rockabilly gurly stuff

I bought this dress in a two-pack at 800-Betties the other week. Yes I know it's not a new one and it's probably owned by half a dozen rockabilly chicks in SL - but who cares when it's a hot dress?
On another note - I noticed they have started doing a version of a classic pinup-do at Gurl 6 now - I first spotted the style at Kin Keiko's for little over two months ago. It looks like rockabilly is growing in SL? There's also a lot more painted ladies everywhere, sporting both tribals and old school tattoos. I got the note card that my friend Bellish Vallois does custom orders of his lovely ink now and I'm considering having somesthing done for my collar bone area and something for a friend - she wants something racy on her left thigh...Anyway here's some of Bellish lovely motives that you can choose from to have a more personalized style.

From Bellish Vallois' lovely old school tattoo motives that you can build into your own customized motive.

My dress from 800-Betties, and me wearing hair designed by Antonia Marat/artilleri. Photographed outside artilleri's store.

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Ana Lutetia said...

Artilleri is so cool! :)